Posted on Jun 26, 2017
Brad Kircher called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. and also led the flag pledge and four-way test. Dick Einan offered the invocation. Terry Gilberstadt introduced visitors and guests.
General club announcements and business
Due to the holiday, there will be no regular Club meeting on Monday July 3, 2017.
The next meeting is Monday July 10, 2017. Greg Krauska will speak about ShelterBox, an organization that assists disaster survivors during the critical period following a disaster but preceding reconstruction.  ShelterBox supplies help survivors through the first few days, weeks and months as they rebuild their lives.
“WE DID IT AGAIN!” Jerry Hromatka reports that preliminary ticket counts show that more than 720 people attended the 10th Annual Taste od Rosefest event in spite of the mid-morning deluge. Ticket proceeds are still being counted—so a final tally won’t be available until the July 10th meeting.  
Pat Trudgeon accepted a check in the amount of $1,200.00 on behalf of the City of Roseville for Rotary Woods.
Today’s meeting marked the Club officer change of leadership. Brad Kirscher turned over the president’s gavel to Julie Wearn, Roseville Rotary Club President for 2017–18.
Speaking first, Brad recognized charter members, introduced key members and guests and thanked the 2016–17 board. Before reviewing the accomplishments of his time in office he remembered Roland Wilsey, Seth Eggessa and Herb Mischke, members who passed away during the last year.
Julie Wearn began her remarks thanking Brad for his leadership and presenting him with his Past-President’s pin and a gift from the Club that included induction into the Rotary Fellowship of Beer with a canary yellow shirt, de rigueur for Rotary Beer-Buddies and the 5:01 Happy Hour.
Julie then recapped the recent Rotary International Conference in Atlanta and discussed her intentions for the coming year.
President Julie Wearn adjourned the meeting at 1:25 p.m.