Posted by Loren Swanson on Jul 17, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 12:25 by our new President Julie Wearn.
David Kray was the Greeter and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Melanie Mogg gave us a thoughtful invocation.
Ted Johnson Introduced visitors and guests to include Chris Pulchrabek from Health Partners, Erik Christensen Our most recent new member and Hugh Schilling from Rotary #9.
Jerry Hromatka announced that he is still working on the data from the Taste of Rosefest.  He had 4 tickets to a Saints game and drew names out of a container which went to Jan Vanderwall.  Then Jerry proceeded to collect Happy Dollars from several members who had good news to share.
Marny Farrell , Julie Wearn
Terry Gilberstadt introduced the speaker of the day, Marny Farrell who is the Rehab Director in the Health Partners Neuroscience Center in St. Paul.  They work in conjunction with Regions Level 1 Trauma Center.  The first revelation was the fact that the brain and spinal cord is plastic and can be rehabbed much more than previously believed. 
They focus on 3 principles of Care, Rehab and Research.  Their research is funded by several non-governmental parties.  Their budget is about $10.5 Mil.
One of her primary challenges to patients is to not live your diagnosis.  Think of yourself as a rehabbed individual and work toward that goal.
Dr. Hussein is their stroke specialist who has what she described as a huge amount of energy and passion for his work.  As a result his patients report a 50% decrease in longevity in the treatment program.  They also have clinics for Memory and Aging, ALS, Spinal Cord Injury and Parkinson’s.  As a clinic they have been thinking big, creating big proposals and now have the challenge of continuing to deliver results approaching their big ideas.
There were some in the audience who could use some of these services in their families and asked questions about admittance to the neuroscience center.  They do provide services to patients from fee for service patients to those covered by most insurance companies.  As those questions expanded, I’m sure Marny will be helping those people get in touch with the right people to get their needs met.