12:30 PM Meeting was called to order by President Brad Kirscher. Luke Ferden was the Greeter and Led the Pledge and Jenny Hedahl gave the invocation.
Joan Kallenberg, Intro of visitors and guests:
Scott Erickson, Eagan Rotary
John Risdall Mounds View/New Brighton Rotary
Chelsea Holub, TC Rotaract, Summit Brewery Announcement/Fundraiser
Deb Nygaard, Craig McDaniel’s from Augustana Care
Dauphine Dorman:  Foreign Exchange Student
Ted Johnson:  GSE Team coming in in May from Australia.  Arriving the 7th of May.  Ted is seeking Host Families.  Gayland and Melanie are the contact people for this.
Angela and Ted are going back to Uganda in February to set up a Rotaract club in the refugee village in Uganda.
Al Gerdin and Ted Johnson both got Perfect Attendance awards.   Ted came in second with only 39 years of perfect attendance.  Al’s award was for 41 years!
Deb Nygaard welcomed new member Mark Zastrow into the club.
Kevin and Lynne Megan have resigned from the St. Paul Winter Carnival. 
Scott announced that the Books for Africa is having their fundraiser May 8th.  He encouraged us to fill a couple of tables with supporters in honor of Seth Eggessa
Heather Worthington came from Ramsey County to talk about the Rice Creek Commons Project.  It’s a 427 Acre Site which was the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant.   It will be a combination of homes, businesses and retailers, parks and protected wildlife sites.
There is a 5-member board that is managing this site.   Roads are being built.  It has been cleaned and is now approved to residential standards.  This has been off the tax roles since 1941 and they are looking forward to getting it back on the tax roles.  In the process of reclaiming this area they recycled 93 – 95% of the materials.  Rice Creek will be navigable to lakes and the Mississippi River via Kayak and Canoe.
Now they are looking at about 1431 residential units, excellent access to freeways, retail shops and commercials areas such that this could easily be a walking area and walking paths will permeate the area!
There will be Round-a-bouts and Divergent intersections that may initially be a challenge to some of the drivers.  They are already proven to be better safety risks than other options.