Maria Goretti and Joseph
Story by: Loren Swanson
Maria Goretti and her husband Joseph at their own expense opened a home for "throw away babies" in Masindi, Uganda.  They now have 25 children that they care for with the help of 3 other employee/helpers.  Some of the children are now old enough to go away to boarding school.  Presently they are working on building a new home for them and their kids in a rural area so the kids will have more room to play.  They already have a well dug and soon they will be putting the roof on the new home so they can inhabit it.
When my sister Cheryl and I arrived in Masindi we were already entered in a Rotary fund raiser with Maria's Rotary Club.  Up to this point I did not even know she was a Rotarian.  Upon our return to the USA I remembered that the Roseville Rotary Club had an excess of Paul Harris Awards that we could bestow on other deserving people.  I believe Maria was one of those people and recommended to the Board that we give one to Maria.  I believe she is the incoming president of her club in Masindi and the only member of the club to have the Paul Harris Award.  She was surprised and delighted when it happened.  Thank you for your support in honoring Maria in this way!