Roseville Rotary Club annual Health Day will be held on the 17th of April 2017...starting at 11:15 in the morning..before our regular Monday meeting.
***NEW! Pathway Lab Technicians will be doing the teasting. They are from Minneapolis Park Nicollet Laboratory.
Testing will include a Fasting Test and a Non-Fasting Test.
To take the Fasting Test you must fast from the previous evening. So no food or liquids after ten (10) pm Sunday night., water is OK. (no breakfast Monday morning) If you do eat, you stilll can take the non-fasting tests.
Cost: (We may be billed through the club)
Men - Fasting Test $81.50
Men - Non-fasting Test $ 74.00
Women - Fasting Test $ 63.50
Women - Non-fasting Test $ 56.00
A report will be mailed to all participants from Park Nicollet Laboratory.
Guests & Visitors welcome, you don't have to be a Rotarian to take the tests.