John Crudele - Leadership Principles Made Personal
John says “I’ve always had the innate ability to connect with youth and adults at the heart level. To connect with the spirit of my audience and help them make new discoveries is one of my life’s passions. I believe each of us is filled with concerns, desires and dreams. When I look into someone’s eyes, I sense their journey and strive to find ways to bring language, explanation, and understanding to their thoughts and feelings. Many experience relief: “If something can be explained then I’m not crazy.” This mutual understanding clears a pathway through even unasked questions and makes way for the new belief that there’s hope for a better, more connected and purposeful future.
We each wish to make choices that impact our future in a positive way, yet without realizing it we often limit ourselves. There are beliefs that drive every behavior. These hidden attitudes support our motives, habits and actions and will either advance us, or hold us back. I encourage my listeners to reflect, refocus and discover their own possibilities.”